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You might naturally associate martial arts with hollywood stunts and kicks and punches, but the self-defence aspect of martial arts is just part of it. Children that learn martial arts develop the confidence to know that if they are ever bullied, they have the skills they need to defend themselves. However, the real skill we teach is diffusing situations with words before they ever escalate to a physical level.

ATA Martial Arts Is Your Partner In Parenting

We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe and fun environment.

The foundation of the Martial Arts Kids (MAK) curriculum is the education and development of life skills such as a positive mental attitude, high goal setting, perseverance, self-control, and confidence.



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ATA Martial Arts Cloverdale Black Belt Academy - ATA Tigers

ATA Tigers

Ages: 3-6 Yrs

The best martial arts program for kids, ever.

• Allows children to feel engaged with our martial arts program by providing strong visual cues to help them align with their achievements and goals.

• Uses the cartoon tiger characters to provide a relational point students can identify, each character symbolizing a value that is a foundation of the martial arts.

ATA Tigers is an exclusive new platform for martial arts that kids truly love. Take the first step to giving this extraordinary gift to your child today!

ATA Martial Arts Cloverdale Black Belt Academy - Karate for Kids

Martial Arts Kids (MAK)

Ages: 7-12

Martial Arts Kids (MAK) is a specialized program created exclusively for children ages 7 through 12. The foundation of the martial arts ATA curriculum is the ongoing ATA review and development of life skills such as:

• Positive mental attitude  •  High goal-setting
• Perseverance  •  Self-control  •  Confidence

teen martial arts

Juniors Martial Arts

Ages: 13-16

Today’s world keeps getting tougher for teens.

As in our Karate Kids program, our Juniors program focuses on personal success. The Juniors are students between the ages of 13-16 years old. Each student is encouraged to work to the best of their abilities. They are highlighted for demonstrating black belt qualities during classes and earn stars for their Bag Tags. 

We strive to teach the students to recognize and celebrate “personal victories” – small success that they achieve on route to their goals. By taking pride in their accomplishments they learn to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Juniors are expected to be able to work more independently than the Karate Kids. They work more with partners and in small groups. By giving them more responsibility to work on their own, it enables them to learn the importance of self-discipline. We feel that it is important that the Juniors learn to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments – to strive to do their best as it helps to build character in our future leaders.

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